My Stuff To Do List

Anything related to video and my tools that is not a support request.
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My Stuff To Do List

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This thread will track things people have asked me for. Sometimes, I offer to do things and then they slip off my radar. Hence this thread. If you have asked for something (that I did not outright reject already) but don't see it here, please reply here to let me know about it. Feature requests and bugs are both welcome.

----- updated 4-14-2020

New sharpeners [JoyBell]

Support demuxing of VOBSUB from DVDs. [Guest 2]

DTS express support in DGDecNV/DGDemux.

DGDemux stuff (see its to-do list).

DGNV HDR preview doesn't match DGHDR2SDR results. [MeteorRain]

DGDecNV 4:4:4 support. [DJATOM]

DGDecNV allow navigation when cropping window open. [Guest 2]

Miscellaneous HDR to SDR stuff.

Re-factor DGDecodeNV dual interface support to avoid code duplication.

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