Running CLI On Multiple Files Hangs Process

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Running CLI On Multiple Files Hangs Process

Post by AYColumbia » Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:48 am

I just expereinced one more issue that just happened as I was posting another message. The command has completely hung on the 10th file. I use a simple for loop in my DOS command file to iterate the TS files. This is the command that's generated

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"E:\MultiMediaTools\dgavcdecdi\DGAVCIndexDI.exe" -i "D:\media\work\enc source\MyFile.ts" -o "MyFile.dgi" -h -e 
When I killed the task, my command file continued on. After I stopped it and restarted it, it successfully processed the file it had hung on the first time. I'll update this if it hangs again.
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