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Dup Filter

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Hi Neoron2,

I recently started playing around with encoding videos again after almost a year since I last encoded something. There is just so much info on the internet about video encoding that it takes a while to get through some that look important. I specifically enjoyed the "Luke's Video Guide" because he explained the problems and solution behind interlacing very good.

Anyways on with the question. I would like to know from an experienced person, is it a good idea to use the "Dup Filter" on a normal real live video clip to improve his compression quality? In theory it make sense, but does the merging of "near similar" frames maybe cause more visual stuttering than the quality gain from the saved bits?

I'm not working with anime that would otherwise make even more sense since you get a lot of static scenes (after a character throw a killer punch, the screen normally freeze with the sound continuing)

So to the point, is the Dup Filter worth it for real live video scenes, to gain bit?
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Re: Dup Filter

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No, its day is done. I agree with you completely.
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