New PC, seeking advice to test 4k/hdr playback

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New PC, seeking advice to test 4k/hdr playback

Post by hydra3333 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:50 am

4k/hdr Hello I have a new 3900X based PC, with an Nvidia 2060 Super video card and a BenQ EL2870U monitor (both of which can do 4k with HDR).:

I am seeking advice on how to test it out a bit, under Win10x64 (with HDR turned on in windows settings) and display clips of 4k with HDR,
and in particular which media player to use. Or, whether say DGIndexNV can display 4k/HDR for the purpose of visually testing and assessing its likeability :D

I have tried MPC-HC with clips downloaded from however they appear washed-out perhaps indicative of some sort of conversion issue. Both Windows Media Player in Win10 and also Win10 "Films and TV" refuse to open and play the video in the mkv clips.

So, suggestions welcomed.

Thank you in advance.

PS also mentioned here ... ost2558205

Video clip from here: ... explainer/ in particular:
(downloaded as webm using video type 337, Win10 "Films and TV" seems to play this one nicely).

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Re: New PC, seeking advice to test 4k/hdr playback

Post by admin » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:58 pm

Players and passing HDR to your monitor are outside the scope of the DG forum. What is in scope is opening HDR in DGDecNV and processing it with Avisynth+/Vapoursynth.

HDR will appear washed out if played by a non-HDR chain. So it will look washed out in DGIndexNV. However, you can serve the video via your script with DGHDRtoSDR and then it will look normal when displayed on a non-HDR chain.

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