DGDemux Blu-Ray/UHD Disk Demuxer

DGDemux is a standalone demuxer for BluRay/UHD disks. It takes a playlist and demuxes all the elementary streams (audio and video), the subtitle streams, and the chapters. The demuxed files are all in sync with the demuxed video, even for seamless branching titles.

This program requires a license that you can obtain from me by donating $15.00 to become a registered supporter. You may obtain your license by clicking on the donate button below. Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account; you can pay with a credit card account also. After your payment is verified, I will contact you by email to send you details to obtain the binaries and to login to the license generator.

Your activation is tied to your motherboard. So if you replace that, you will need to generate a new license key. A single donation permits you to generate up to 16 license keys. You will receive a login to an online license generator that will allow you to generate the license keys that you need.

Your activation includes all future versions of the program at no cost. Also, please note that only one donation is required to enable all of my licensed tools. You don't need to make multiple donations.

For support I encourage you to use my support forum rather than email, so that others may benefit.

Please be aware that until the system is fully automated I can process activations only intermittently,
so be patient if your activation seems delayed. Please allow 3 days before thinking there is a
problem, to allow for unforeseen absences, etc.

For access to the binaries, use this link:

Get DGDemux Executables

Copyright (C) 2007-2020 Donald A. Graft, All Rights Reserved.

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