Filter How-To

Following is a step-by-step procedure for using the filters.

  1. First ensure that the filter .vdf file is present in a directory called "plugins" that exists in the same directory as the VirtualDub executable.
  2. Start up VirtualDub and maximize its window.
  3. Select File/Open video file from the pulldown menus and then open your input video file.
  4. Select Video/Filters from the pulldown menus.
  5. Click on the Add button in the Filters dialog box.
  6. Scroll down in the filter list and highlight the desired filter by clicking on it.
  7. Click OK. The configuration dialog for the filter appears.
  8. Configure the filter as desired. If the filter supports preview, you can interactively explore the effect of different filter settings. When you are happy with the settings, click OK in the filter configuration dialog box.
  9. Click OK in the Filters dialog box.
  10. Select Video/Compression from the pulldown menus.
  11. Highlight the desired compression for the output file and then click OK.
  12. Select File/Save As from the pulldown menus and select the desired output file. Processing will begin and when it is completed, the output file will contain the filtered video. (Alternatively, you can simply preview the result by using VirtualDub's timeline player.)