White Balance Filter

White Balance, Deinterlace, HSI, Brightness, Contrast

This filter does any or all of the following from one interface:

  1. Deinterlace (interpolation)
  2. Flip Horizontally
  3. White balance
    • Attempts to figure out what should be white using 4 sampling algorithms. Sampling different frames will yield different results. The color it thinks should be white is shown.
    • Or you can enter a custom RGB value that you want to force to white
  4. Hue, Saturation, Intensity using methods adapted from Donald Graft's very nice HSI filter, however with slightly less adjustment range.
  5. Brightness
  6. Contrast
Operations are applied in the order listed above and as they appear on the filter interface dialog from top to bottom.

Download WhiteBalance Filter

Changes from Version 1
  1. Improvements in efficiency
  2. Improved white balance algorithm. It now more produces better results and does not over adjust the darker colors as happened with some content in Ver 1.
  3. Ver 1 had an "adjust black" option that is no longer available. It is no longer needed due to the improvements in the white balance algorithm.
  4. Increased adjustment ranges for HSI, Brightness and contrast.
  5. Batch paramters have been changed in order to store more information.
  6. Fixed cancel button that sometimes did not restore all values